Trip to the juniors 

All the children who will be attending Hertford juniors went up to the school today. The teachers had organised a treasure hunt that took us in our buddy groups around the school so we were able to have a good nose around.

We loved exploring and seeing some of our old friends who have moved up.

Thanks you to Poppy’s mum  and the parents from Kingfishers for helping us walk up there.

Tomorrow the teachers will come and visit us in the school.



This week during international week we will be learning about Australia.

We looked at the globe and found Australia on the map. It is a really really big island. We looked at the differences around the country from the reef to the rainforest to the rocks, mountains and desert.

This afternoon Maddie came in to read us a story and answer questions about Australia.

The home learning that came to school was amazing and we learnt lots of facts about Australia.

Stammer Park Trip

We had incredible trip to Stamner Park. First we met Katie and she told us we’d be cooking dinner so we needed to collect firewood. We then built our fire carefully using different size wood in a certain order. Then everyone got a chance to help light the fire using flint and steel. With the fire lit and Ruth cooking veggie sausages we got on with bug hunting and pond dipping. After lunch we learnt how important pollination and pollinators are. It was a fantastic day of learning in the outdoors.

Pizza making workshop

Yesterday we had great fun making pizzas with the school meals team and lovely Karen our cook.

We recapped our knowledge of food groups and personalised our pizzas by putting our own toppings on.  I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

Andy Goldsworthy

This week we had a day of art. We learned about Mondrian, Van Gough and Andy Goldsworthy. We then created art work inspired by these famous artists. In the garden we explored Andy Goldsworthy and the children from all the classes created a sculpture throughout the day. The children decided it should have a green growing area and a brown dead area and that these areas should be connected by a bridge with conkers on.  Some of Duckling Class came to look at our work too.


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Emily Gravett

This week we had the wonderful Author and Illustrator Emily Gravett visit Woodpeckers and Kingfishers. She has written books such as Monkey and Me, Meerkat Mail and Wolves along with many others. All week we have been reading her books and using them as inspiration for our learning. It was brilliant to meet Emily, she was incredibly inspiring. She told us all about how she became an author and all about her interesting life. During her visit the children became authors and along with Emily they wrote their own version of Monkey and Me, which Emily illustrated. It was a great story.


Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly is still as wonderful as ever with a whole array of performances. Here are some examples of our amazing Woodpecker children in action. You could see they had really practised at home too.

IMG_1273 IMG_1290

Computing morning

We had a morning doing computing and we learned all about algorithms, which are a simple set of instructions. We then tried out algorithms by doing obstacle courses in the playground and we did them blindfolded! If our partners gave us the wrong instructions they had to think about de-bugging us to make sure we went the right way. We also used Scratch, Beebots and did flow-charts.


IMG_1307 IMG_1304 IMG_1302


It’s been a busy term in Woodpeckers, so busy in fact we’ve hardly blogged. Here are a few photos of our Explorer’s Topic, when we learned all about Captain Scott’s expedition to Antarctica.


IMG_1163 IMG_1167 IMG_1158 IMG_1152 IMG_1147 IMG_1146 IMG_1150 IMG_1172 IMG_1169



Body parts

Woodpecker class have been talking about the differences between boys and girls. We have learnt the correct names for the human body parts and are able to talk about them sensibly.